Common Reasons your Windshield Cracks

Common Reasons your Windshield Cracks

Have you ever had your windshield crack for no apparent reason?

There is in fact a reason and can reduce the safety of your car. Read below to find out the biggest reasons your windshield cracks.

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Temperature changes

Temperature swings causes the glass to expand and shrink rapidly, especially when you have the AC on high or Heat of high.


Similar to temperature, the sun’s heat causes the surrounding materials to expand which can cause cracks to your glass

Pressure changes

Sudden pressure changes shifts from low to high wind gusts or heavy objects resting on your glass can cause stress cracks.


Tires tend to spin loose gravel, small rocks and other road debris that could possibly hit your windshield. Try to steer clear of big trucks that can can release debris or even contrusction zones.

Poor Instillations

As the glass shifts it can cause cracks, which is why it is best to leave it to us professionals who know auto glass like we do here at SunCoast AutoGlass!