What to know about your Car’s Windshield

A car that has been smashed in front of another car.


  • Your car not only provides you a means of transportation, but protection is cases of an accident.
  • The windshield of your car accountable for up to 60% structural sterdiness in the case that there is a vehicle rollover.
  • Any repair done  to your car is monitored by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to assure that the parts used and installations meet performance requirements.
  • Because your windshield provides structural strength to your car and will help keep passangers inside your car in cases of an accident, it is classified as a “safety device.”

Important Facts

  • Repairing cracks are much faster and cheaper than replacements. Don’t ignore your minor chips or cracks until it gets worse!
  • Temperatures can make cracks larger. Driving in Florida’s blazing sun can cause the crack to grow.
  • Vibrations also cause cracks to grow larger. Whether is be driving through bumpy roads, radio vibrations, or hitting a pothole, they could all cause a crack to grow.
  • A large percentage of repair and replacements come from a crack at the edge of your windhshield. Since windshield provide a large percentage of protection, it is important to get those replaced or repaired.