Winter Haven, Florida Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

We service Winter Haven, Florida for auto glass repair & replacement. We can replace all types of windshields on cars, trucks, SUVs & RVs. We also service power window motors and back and side glass on all types of cars, trucks, SUVs & RVs.

Winter Haven is one of our mobile service locations. This means we come to you if you’re at your home, office or even the gym. We bring all equipment with us, service your vehicle and you’re back on your way very quickly and safely! Did you know your windshield is extremely vital in keeping you and your family safe inside your vehicle? It’s not just a piece of glass to keep bugs and rain out of your car. It protects you from rocks, road debris and potentially fatal objects should a windshield not be present or at it’s full strength. Any glass that has been damaged needs to be assessed to see if it can be repaired or if it needs a full replacement.

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Counties serviced:

Citrus County
Hillsborough County
Manatee County
Marion County
Polk County
Pinellas County
Pasco County
Sarasota County
Sumter County


Since the glass in your vehicle functions as a safety device, there is NO COST for any insured Florida motorists with comprehensive coverage to replace the windshield in your vehicle.

Your Florida comprehensive insurance will pay 100% of the approved cost to have the windshield replaced in your vehicle.
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