Lifetime Warranty with Suncoast Auto Glass

We stand by the quality of our work at Suncoast Auto Glass. In the event that the warranted glass requires repair or if there are any issues with the workmanship, we will address it at no additional cost. If you find yourself dissatisfied with a windshield repair for any reason, we offer a full refund of the repair purchase price. All refunds will be credited toward the purchase of new glass installed in the original vehicle by our service center.


It’s important to note that this warranty does not cover breakage or damage resulting from vandalism, theft, “acts of God,” owner negligence, or self-inflicted damage. While we guarantee the sealing of any windshield, exceptions include leakage, stress cracks, or related damage resulting from the vehicle’s body or rust deterioration, or any factory seals deemed necessary to replace by Suncoast Auto Glass. We make every effort to inform you of such issues or rust before removing the existing glass.


To exercise your rights under this warranty, please contact our nearest service center. It specifically covers the repair and replacement mentioned above and does not extend to incidental or consequential damages. No warranties beyond those expressed are provided.

We value the opportunity to serve you and believe you will be pleased with the results. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for immediate attention.


Thank you for choosing Suncoast Auto Glass.