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 Quick Tips to Clean Mayflies and other Bugs from Your Windshield

Quick Tips to Clean Mayflies and other Bugs from Your Windshield

Florida has no shortage of bugs that seem inexorably attracted to our windshields. Mayflies, love bugs, dragonflies, gnats, you name it, they end up as smudges that obscure the driver’s vision and create messy smears under windshield wipers.

In a worst case scenario, when you’re miles from the nearest gas station and your windshield is under an inch of bugs debris, you may not have access to your normal, proper care washing supplies. In a situation like that, here are some quick tips to try to get the bugs off of your windshield with whatever you happened to have in the car.

Cola drink

Believe it or not, the acid cola will help to cut through the bugs. Pour our some soda on a rag and wipe off the bugs. Rinse well with water and make sure that none of the cola gets onto the vehicle’s paint.

Dryer sheet

Wet a dryer sheet and rub it over the windshield, then rinse with water. You’re probably less likely to have a dryer sheet in the car, but you could easily stash a box underneath the seat for situations like this. Added bonus that it will make the inside of the car smell great!

Dish soap

Mild dish soap and water will usually do the trick. If you have access to hot water, wet a cloth with hot water and drape it over the worst of the bug remains for a minute or so, then wipe clean.

Have you found any other non-traditional substances that work well to clean your windshield in a pinch?