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Four Tips to Avoid A Broken Windshield This Winter

Four Tips to Avoid A Broken Windshield This Winter

Even though Florida doesn’t get snow or extremely cold weather during the winter, your windshield may crack due to the fluctuating temperature changes that cause windshields to expand and contract rapidly. Windshields are made with two pieces of glass and lamination in between. For this reason, a small chip can grow into a large crack overnight as the glass cools or during the day as it heats up due to Florida’s hot temperatures. With this comes more reasons you may end up needing an auto glass repair or replacement this season. However, Suncoast Auto Glass can provide you with some tips on how to prevent those pesky cracks and chips.

1) Take the road less traveled

By taking the road less traveled you will encounter less traffic and therefore fewer hazards. It may be a couple of miles further distance-wise but can significantly save time as well. Save your auto glass from failure and your time from an excessive commute by next time taking the road less traveled.

2) Avoid gravel at all costs

Although non-paved roads are few and far between, we still think this tip is very important. Driving on non-paved roads isn’t just annoying, but it is also extremely bad for your vehicle. Not only can it cause cracks in your windshield from gravel flying up, but it can chip your paint and damage the undercarriage of your vehicle. Also, it is more difficult to gain traction on gravel roads which could lead to an automobile accident.

3) Keep your distance

When traveling at high speeds, or any speed really, keep your distance! Rocks and other debris may fly off the vehicle in front of you and hit your windshield causing a crack. This is especially true when driving behind semi-trucks and other large industrial vehicles. Another vehicle to watch out for are trucks carrying cement or gravel. Driving behind these could be disastrous for your windshield so try to safely keep away from these vehicles.

4) Replace old windshield wiper blades

Lastly, remember to replace old wiper blades. Older wiper blades can lose their shape which may put uneven and extra pressure on the windshield. This makes it more prone to breaks. Not to mention, you want to be safe in any inclement weather and old wipers can impair your vision.

If something does happen, call us. Suncoast Auto Glass is fully equipped to handle any windshield repair or replacement. We accept all insurance types and can work with you if you’re uninsured. Check out our website to see the variety of services we offer or call us at (800) 538-4719 to get a free quote today!