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 Summer Heat Exacerbates Windshield Chips

Summer Heat Exacerbates Windshield Chips

A windshield chip or crack is no fun regardless of the season. A crack in summer is especially bad, though, as the sweltering temperatures outside mixed with cold AC inside can wreak havoc on your windshield. As your auto and windshield warm up from the Florida sun, you crank the air conditioner inside the car to stay comfortable. That means that your windshield is hot on one side and cold on the other. The stress of the change in temperature mixed with a weak spot in the glass (a chip) can cause the crack to spread unexpectedly, startling the driver and obscuring vision.

The Florida heat can also cause a problem during windshield repair. If the windshield glass is too hot, a number of issues can arise that turn a simple repair job into a big problem. Auto glass technicians should check the temperature of the windshield and, if need be, wait to repair the glass until it is cooler than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to keep the glass in the vehicle cool is to leave the vehicle parked in the garage or shade.  If you decide to turn your air conditioning on, avoid using the vents that are near the windshield so that the drastic temperature change mentioned above doesn’t occur.

During especially warm days, a cautious auto glass repair technician will also warm the resin so that it is within 10 degrees of the temperature of the windshield. This ensures additional windshield damage doesn’t occur from using cold resin on a hot windshield.

For auto glass repair technicians who are well experienced with how to deal with windshield repairs and replacements on even the hottest Orlando summer days, contact Suncoast Auto Glass.