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 Tips for Better Gas Mileage in Hot Weather

Tips for Better Gas Mileage in Hot Weather

Believe it or not, hot weather can actually improve your gas mileage. Because your engine warms up to an efficient temperature more quickly, it burns less fuel running than in colder weather. That being said, running the air conditioner definitely cuts down on your fuel economy. Knowing when to run your air conditioner and when to open the windows can save you at the gas pump.

Roll down the windows when you’re moving slower and turning on the AC at higher highway speeds. At higher speeds, open windows make your vehicle less aerodynamic and causes drag. The resulting loss of fuel economy is negligible at lower speeds but increases as you speed up.

Here are some other tips for improving fuel economy in hot weather:

Try to park in the shade whenever possible to stop the car from heating up too much.

When you first get in, it’s tempting to crank the AC cold and the fan high. Try to avoid this temptation and roll down the windows for the first few minutes to let hot air escape first.

When you do use the AC, don’t use it for longer or turn it colder than you need it to be.

If you have a hybrid or electric car, leaving it plugged in while your AC cools down may increase your battery run time.

Check and see if your car monitors gas or power consumption based on AC usage, you may learn a lot about how your car works.

What other ways have you found to increase fuel economy in Florida?