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 Puegeot Debuts High-End Food Truck of the Future

Puegeot Debuts High-End Food Truck of the Future

“Le Bistrot du Lion,” Puegeot’s version of chic service to-go, debuted at the 2015 World’s Fair in Milan. The theme of the Fair this year was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

More like a Transformer than a greasy mobile food stand, Le Bistrot du Lion showcases a full espresso machine, deep fryer, spaces for a world-class chef, and a DJ booth to entertain patrons as they eat and drink. TVs and huge speakers broadcast the sounds of famous Chef Sven Chartier chopping, stirring and frying.

The super-compact van and trailer is designed with narrow Paris streets in mind, with sides that open and unfold to reveal a mobile restaurant inside.

Every detail was formed with thought, including what happens after the meal. Sustainability and recycling were taken into account in the design and implementation of the mobile food station.

Puegeot has a longstanding tradition of supporting and designing for the end-user. Their version of a food truck takes the original design one step further, with not just an area to put together food, but a full chef’s kitchen, and not just some food for customers, but a full cafe experience.

Would you visit Le Bistrot du Lion if it came to Orlando? How does it compare with other food trucks you’ve experienced?