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 Updated Technology Adjust Your Car to the Road’s Conditions

Updated Technology Adjust Your Car to the Road’s Conditions

Lincoln Drive Control is a series of three series of sensors that help your car to adjust to potentially difficult or hazardous conditions on the road.

The first series of sensors continuously scans the road for potential hazards, such as potholes, and monitors the steering wheel, break, and gas movements to adjusts the car’s suspension accordingly. Termed Continuously Controlled Dampening (CCD), the result of this technology is a super smooth and responsive handling.

Electric power controlled steering automatically adjusts the car’s handling based on your speed so that you experience tighter control at higher speeds and more fluid control at lower speeds.

The last new technology is active noise control, which identifies unwanted noises inside the vehicle and sends sound waves to cancel them out, leaving you with a quiet and comfortable ride.

These innovative features may help to redefine the Lincoln brand. Which technology do you think would help you the most on the road?