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 Auto Glass: Laminated vs. Tempered

Auto Glass: Laminated vs. Tempered

There are two types of glass used in your vehicle, laminated and tempered. While both types provide structural integrity to your vehicle and help protect you from weather, road debris, and in the event of a collision, they are very different materials.

Laminated auto glass is what is used in your windshield. The windshield is two pieces of glass with a layer of vinyl sandwiched in between. The vinyl provides strength as well as stops the glass from shattering if you get into an accident. Small debris that hit the windshield may crack the outer layer but not reach the inner layer, keeping vehicle passengers safe from glass shards. If a large object hits the windshield, the vinyl helps to keep the glass together and minimizes shattering. Watch a short video about how auto windshields are made.

Future windshields may be made with a layer of Gorilla Glass, the same glass that is used in most smart devices today. Watch a video here in which Mythbusters hosts test the strength of a regular windshield and a windshield made with Gorilla Glass.

Tempered auto glass is used for the side and back windows on your vehicle. This glass is heated to over 1,000 degrees and then quickly cooled.The tempering process makes the glass much stronger than regular glass but not any heavier. Tempered glass breaks into small pieces if shattered, making it safer than regular glass.

It’s important to quickly repair any glass in your vehicle that has a chip or crack. Damage to your windshield can spread quickly and unexpectedly, causing a hazardous driving situation. For a free quote on auto glass repair or replacement, contact Suncoast Auto Glass.