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 Windshield Wipers: Unsung Heroes of Vehicle Safety

Windshield Wipers: Unsung Heroes of Vehicle Safety

You may not think of windshield wipers as a safety feature, but they are just that. Most of a driver’s decisions on the road require an unobstructed, clear view of his or her surroundings. Windshield wiper blades that don’t provide a clear view of the road during weather situations can create unsafe driving conditions.

Even if you don’t use your wiper blades very frequently, exposure to sun (hello, Florida), ozone, cold temperatures, dirt, dust, and oil all weaken and wear down your wiper blades, making them less effective at cleaning your windshield. Even if you always park your car in the shade of a garage, rubber naturally deteriorates over time, curving, cracking, and generally becoming less able to make good contact with the windshield glass. Deteriorated windshield wipers can actually scratch your windshield, leaving groves in the glass that disturb the driver’s view of the road.

For best results, replace your windshield wipers once every 6 months. When replacing, you have the option to refill just the rubber component or the metal arm and the rubber squeegee. Replacing the rubber only is the less expensive option. Replacing the whole metal arm improves the contact that the squeegee has with the window, though, ultimately providing a better swiping motion. If your car comes equipped with rear and/or headlight wipers, don’t forget to replace those frequently as well!

If you need to get your windshield repaired or replaced, Suncoast Auto Glass can replace your windshield wipers at the same time. Our certified technicians can help you to choose the blades or wipers that are best for your car and the current driving conditions.