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 Teen Arrested for Breaking School Bus Windshield with a Milkshake

Teen Arrested for Breaking School Bus Windshield with a Milkshake

A few days ago in Forsyth County, Georgia, 19-year-old Nicholas Allen Jones was arrested after throwing a mint chocolate chip milkshake at a moving school bus. The cup and enclosed dessert struck the bus’s windshield. The glass shattered into a mass of green goo, suddenly obstructing the driver’s vision.

The bus was traveling down the highway with 30 student passengers when Jones threw the milkshake on a dare. The bus driver managed to pull off of the road and into an elementary school parking lot. No one was injured.

Jones was arrested and charged with first degree criminal damage and disrupting public school. He wrote a formal letter to the school apologizing for damaging school property and was released on an $11,715.00 bond later that day.

The school bus glass was replaced and no additional damage was incurred by the bus.

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