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Nearly Unbreakable Gorilla Glass for Auto Windshields

Gorilla Glass, the thin, durable glass that makes up the screen of most smart devices today, is being considered for use in windshields. Check out the video above, skip ahead to 6:08 for info about windshields.

Auto windshields today are made up of 2 panes of regular glass with a layer of resin in between. They’re strong but also thick and heavy. These laminated windshields have saved the lives of countless individuals by adding structural integrity to the vehicle and stopping the glass from shattering during a collision or sudden impact.

As auto makers strive for more energy efficient vehicles, weight becomes an issue, though. Enter: Gorilla Glass. Auto glass manufacturers are investigating a combination of regular glass, resin, and Gorilla Glass. By replacing one of the regular glass panes with Gorilla Glass, the weight is reduced by around 33%.

In the above video, around minute 8:12, you can see the Mythbuster hosts shooing a pebble into regular windshield glass. They follow up the experiment with regular windshield A with Gorilla Glass windshield B. With windshield B, the outer windshield glass is broken, but the inner Gorilla Glass is not, meaning that the driver and passengers did not get sprayed with glass fragments.

What will the addition of Gorilla Glass do to the price of windshields and vehicles? That’s yet to be seen. Would you be willing to pay a bit more for this added safety feature?

Even Suncoast Gorilla Glass does begin to show up on auto windshields, chips and cracks will still occur. If your windshield has a crack in need of repair or a larger issue that requires windshield replacement, contact Suncoast Auto Glass. Our knowledgable, certified technicians can come to your home or workplace at a time that is convenient to you.